Inline skates and skating – types of rollerblades


Roller skating is a sport which has been in existence since the early years of twentieth century. Soon, inline skating started to dominate and became a thrill for many people. People used to perform inline skating for recreation but soon these skates became a part of many sophisticated sports. Many manufactures started to optimize their line of inline skates for hockey which offered better performance in the rink. Soon, there was a myriad of choices available for inline skates and one could go with any of them based on what they wanted. Today, there are a range of inline skates for figure skating, hockey skates, fitness inline skates, aggressive rollerblades, and many more.
There are several types of inline skates and one can choose from either of them based on what they want to do with their pair. Let us describe each type of inline skates in more detail.

  • Recreational inline skates – recreational inline skates, as the name suggests, are designed for recreation. Their design is optimal for casual use and are used throughout the world as a learning tool. Recreational inline skate offer better control and lower speeds so beginners and casual skaters can enjoy the sport with more ease.
  • Fitness inline skates – many people like to inline skate not just because it is fun but also because it can provide some great exercise and toning to the body. These skates are designed for those who already know inline skating. The design of fitness inline skates is optimized for users to get better speed as the duration of their skating increases. These skates are a primary choice for figure skaters, hockey players, and other sophisticated sports people who would like to train.
  • Street rollerblades – street rollerblades are designed for aggressive inline skating performed on the streets. They are durable and their design is such that the user can perform numerous tricks like grinds and spins. A notable design feature of street rollerblades is the presence of anti rocker wheels. Since a typical street inline skate consists of either two or four wheels, many a times, the middle wheels are designed to be shorter than the other two. They are so short that they don’t even touch the ground when the user is moving in the usual stance but provide support during technical tricks like grinding.
  • Racing inline skates – a pair of racing inline skates are optimized for speed. If you are looking for high speeds and have already developed the control aspect, you can appreciate a pair of these. Racing inline skates are designed for achieving high speeds on smooth surfaces and can handle fast speeds because of their thinner and lighter wheels.
    When one goes to any sports outlet, they can definitely find inline skates for men, women, as well as children. Anyone can develop and exploit their interest in skating and should do so because it is a thrilling activity!

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