A short guide to buying aggressive rollerblades

aggressive rollerblades

Aggressive inline skating is a form of inline skating which is more focused on grinding and spinning. Skaters, specializing in this sport, perform breathtaking grinds on rails and ledges. Grinds are technical moves which can be challenging to perform if one does not have the right pair of inline skates to support them. This is a brief guide to help you choose a pair of aggressive rollerblades if you are interested in this type of inline skating.

Let us first start with the design of a typical pair of aggressive inline skates. A skate would contain the following replaceable parts to facilitate the tricks of aggressive skating.

  • Shell – shell is a boot made from high impact plastic which surrounds and protects the feet when performing stressful tricks.
  • Liner – the liner is a soft inner boot to provide comfort.
  • Foot bed – a foot bed is usually placed inside the liner which provides comfort.
  • Cuff – cuff is adjustable and designed for optimal support of the ankle.
  • Wheels – two to four high performance wheels are installed. The middle two are usually small and rarely touch the ground to support grinds and enable more speed. These are known as anti rocker wheels.
  • Soul plate – a soul plate is hard plastic plate which is for the sole on the boot.
  • Negative soul plate – a negative soul plate is placed on the inner sole of the boot.
  • Frame – the frame is the plastic structure which holds the wheels to manipulate the skate’s speed and maneuverability.

Now that you know what parts constitute a typical inline aggressive rollerblade, you can judge a skate by its quality of each part. The skate boot, for instance, is very important to the performance of a skate.
A boot with a soft shell will offer more comfort along with great flex and overall feel. However, soft shell is not what you want if you like to perform intense tricks like jumping gaps and stair sets. A boot with hard shell is more preferable when looking for a skate that supports intense tricks as they provide more protection, support, and are generally sturdier.
Liners also form an important part of a skate boot as they are responsible for holding the ankles in a position which is tight and support the rest of the foot. Liners are usually replaceable and you could go for a different one any time you want.
Choosing the right frame for aggressive rollerblades is also important because it is responsible for holding the wheels and help user maneuver and perform tricks like grinding. In fact, the frames in aggressive rollerblades are optimized for increased performance in grinds and aid in many a tricks. Most frames can be replaced which is a great thing because as a skater evolves, their desires do the same and change of frame can offer subtle yet very powerful changes.

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